YK11 Review: Get Bigger&Stronger

This quick YK11 review is going to give you the lowdown on everything you need to know to use this SARM successfully. Including dosage and YK11 cycle length details. I’ll answer the key question around whether YK11 is a SARM at all because although most people believe it is, that’s not the whole story.

I’m going to be comprehensive here for you. We will tell you what is, how it works, the typical YK11 SARM results you can realistically achieve, side effects and warnings, and what YK-11 stacks best with.

I’ll also review the top three web stores that have 100% pure YK11 for sale with a purity guarantee published right there on the website, so you can see what you are buying is what they say.

What Is YK11?

 The big argument about YK-11 is whether it’s a SARM at all. Is it a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator?

A fully androgenic compound selectively targets androgen receptors in muscle and bone tissue, while leaving alone androgen receptors in other areas of the body like the prostate.

YK-11 is androgenic. But it’s not a full SARM. It is a partial agonist of androgenic receptors because it mimics DHT, a stronger part of the body’s testosterone make up. Some reviews and even some SARMs sellers claim it’s not androgenic at all, but then go on to say that it’s more androgenic than DHT. It’s that contradiction that creates confusion.

It was first created in 2011 in Japan. There is very little evidence out there around why it was created, or what its purpose was thought to be.

But what I have to make clear to you about is that it is a research chemical. It’s never been fully tested on humans. Sure, there are some rat studies around, but this compound has never been through full testing on humans to make sure it’s safe.

How YK-11 Works

So the truth is that YK-11 is androgenic, but it’s not a SARM. This is backed up by its chemical structure, which closely mimics an anabolic steroid rather than a SARM. In fact, a lot of people studying this compound are starting to reclassify it as asteroid.

You’ve got a dual effect basically. It’s androgenic, mimicking DHT, so it does have anabolic effects in the body.

But it’s also a myostatin inhibitor. This is a protein that is released by muscle tissue after it is exercised/distressed.

Let’s take a look in detail quickly at exactly how YK11 works, and what effects it produces:

  1. YK-11 mimics the production of DHT. This is a stronger form of testosterone. It’s primarily used for hair growth, but also unfortunately DHT is one of the key drivers of premature baldness in men. But it also helps with muscle development, strength, and even how muscles respond (the twitching that makes them work).
  2. YK-11 is primarily now believed to be a myostatin inhibitor. This is a protein that is produced in the body within muscle tissue. It helps to regulate the speed and aggressiveness with which muscle grows. Put it this way, if you really work your muscles, and there was no regulation, just testosterone and other hormones hitting them telling them to grow, it could be too fast for the underlying structure. It’s myostatin that is released to create a counterbalance, regulating it.
  3. Because it mimics DHT, you’ll also feel the effects of increased testosterone in the body, even though it’s being mimicked. This means more aggression, more power, more determination, more focus. But it can also lead to a significant increase in body hair!
  4. Finally, YK-11 when putting together with all its effects, basically hits muscle tissue hard. But it doesn’t do this exclusively, and DHT does target the prostate and other areas. Long-term use could have an impact on hair growth, prostate, and liver. But it’s all about the dose, and being sensible.

YK11 dosage

Typical YK11 SARM Results “Average Joe” Can Achieve

So I’m sure you’re getting by now that YK11 is partly anabolic, but also a myostatin inhibitor, which when combined, target significant muscle growth. The problem is with trying to define YK11 SARM results, the same as any bodybuilding supplement or compound, is that everybody’s results will be different. There is nothing “typical”.

I could tell you that I have had incredible gains using YK11. But might be working out six times a week, stacking it with every other supplement known to man to support it, and have already done several cycles of SARMs or steroids to strengthen me. So my results would not be typical.

From the point of view of somebody who’s never used SARMs or steroids before, doing a short cycle at a moderate dose, compared to natural bodybuilding progress this is what you will experience:

  • Significant and noticeable increases in lean muscle mass
  • A speeding up of the burning of body fat
  • Increases in strength and endurance
  • Better focus and clarity of thought
  • Muscles will continue to build for days after you finish the cycle
  • Increased confidence and sex drive

I’m telling you that this compound build muscles like very few other things I’ve found that are not anabolic steroids. Basically, this is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It’s classed as one of the groups of SARMs, but it’s far more than that.

From a natural bodybuilding base, you’ll get these noticeable benefits:

  1. You will definitely start to feel an increase in strength and endurance quite quickly. Usually in one or two weeks after starting your first YK-11 cycle.
  2. The increase in strength and endurance then helps you to work out for longer and harder, and you will burn more fat. This is not as strong as some other SARMs, but it is noticeable.
  3. The muscle gains you get will be faster than you can get naturally, and much larger. Don’t expect miracles here, because you have to work hard, SARMs are best stacked, and optimal results are achieved after several cycles. But they will be far superior to gains you can make naturally.
  4. Because it doesn’t affect the underlying bone and tissues, this is literal muscle growth. You will see the muscles look more prominent, and start to look more rounded and firmer than they do usually.

YK11 Dosage & Cycle Length

YK-11 dosage is tough to determine because it’s a research compound that’s never been put to market. It’s never even been through human testing.

Lab rat testing has shown the benefits in muscle growth, fat cutting, and endurance are significant, but the doses they were given would be incredible in a human.

People express dangers about YK-11 because of the side effects mice had in studies. We are talking about a dose that’s equivalent to hundreds of milligrams per day, every day for two years. Bearing in mind the average mouse or rat barely lives two years, and that’s the equivalent of us taking 100 mg per day from the cradle to the grave.

A low-end dose of YK-11 is 5 mg. That’s what’s recommended by most people as a starting dose. You can always up it halfway through your first cycle to 10 mg if you are seeing and feeling you benefits.

I would never go anywhere near 50 mg. I’ve seen guys do it, but they often taper back down after a couple of cycles because they just not finding that they are getting noticeable benefits compared to just sticking at around 30 mg.

As far as a YK11 cycle goes, it’s the same story. There are no cycle lengths for YK-11, and you have to go on anecdotal evidence.

I would advocate around eight weeks as your first YK-11 cycle length. Maybe 10 weeks if you’re experienced with SARMs or steroids. Make sure you take a break through. At least six weeks, but often I advocate a break between cycles equal to the length of the cycle you have just done.

YK11 Side Effects

YK-11 side effects can be notable, especially if you take a high dose, so I think it’s important to fully educate you here so you can make an informed decision.

Because it’s basically synthetic DHT, you will get some of the side effects of elevated DHT. In the short term, this means an increase in the growth of body hair.

If you hammer this stuff for years on end, then it can affect the prostate and potentially cause male pattern baldness as well. You would have to take high doses over several years, which I think it’s highly unlikely you’re ever going to do.

The biggest side effect though is the fact that you are up-regulating muscle growth, but unlike most other SARMs the underlying tissue and bone are not being told to grow as well, it can lead to muscle growth outpacing the development of the structure that underpins it.

The advice from any serious bodybuilder is to go low and go slow, especially in the beginning. Low doses, the gaps between cycles, and make sure your body can cope because you don’t want a serious skeletal injury from using this stuff.

What Does YK11 Stack With?

As with all SARMs, the power is in stacking them. That way you’ll get the maximum gains, cut the fattest, as well as get the most strength and endurance benefits.

Because YK11 is partially anabolic and generates muscle growth, you could stack it with another strongly anabolic SARM like RAD-140 to create a potent muscle building stack that will deliver literally incredible gains. But be careful though, because you could overload your frame.

For me, a fantastic stack that uses YK-11 is brilliant for harder defined lean muscle gains, cutting fat, and building your strength is:

  • YK11 dosed @ 10 mg daily
  • LGD-4033 dosed @ 10 mg daily
  • GW-501516 dosed @ 10 mg daily
  • 10 week YK-11 cycle
  • At least an eight-week break between cycles
  • PCT supplement required

YK11 stack

YK11 Before & After Warning

Before I finish this YK11 review, I want to give you a word of warning. You’ll see YK11 before and after photos in many reviews. They often claim that those atypical results. I’m telling you that they never are.

Plus, you’re not even sure if it’s as a result of YK11 at all, whether it was used alone, or whether the results are what you could ever achieve.

So forget the “wow factor” of those YK-11 before and after photos, and just give it a try for one cycle. Work incredibly hard, push yourself, eat brilliantly, do the cardio, and I’m telling you that by the end of it you will have completely popped.

Places You Can Find Pure YK11 For Sale

Let’s conclude here then by telling you where you can find 100% pure YK11 for sale.

The hardest part of using SARMs and steroids is actually finding the real deal in the first place. They are cut with crap, don’t contain SARMs or steroids at all, or you think you’re buying safest SARMs but they are actually cut with steroids (a major study into the illicit SARMs market concluded that 50% or more of SARMs for sale contained other things, including steroids).

So you’re looking for SARMs sellers that offer a purity guarantee. This always comes in the form of an independent third-party professional lab batch testing the SARMs and the purity reports being shown on the website.

  1. Science.bio is one of the most popular and trusted American based SARMs sellers. They been around for a number of years and I’ve never had any problems with them, plus some brilliant results. 1000 mg of raw YK-411 powder will cost you $79.99, while 300 mg of liquid YK-11 retails at $49.99.
  2. SARMs 4 You are based in Europe. This makes it brilliant for people in the EU who don’t want to try and get American SARMs through customs. They sell powder and capsules. The powder costs $65.95 for 1000 mg, while the very convenient but slightly expensive YK11 capsules will cost you $54.95 for 60 capsules, each of those being dosed at 5 mg.
  3. Third, on my list of trusted SARMs sellers where you can find pure YK-11 for sale is Proven Peptides. American-based, trusted for six years, and they’ve always delivered. The SARMs are also made in the USA rather than in China. They only sell liquid, but it’s affordable for the quality you’re getting. A 30 mL dropper bottle, dosing 10 mg/mL retails at $74.99.