Ultra Eliminex review

Ultra Eliminex Reviews: Is It Really The Best Detox Drink?

Ultra Eliminex is a relatively new detox drink, but already it’s been described as the most powerful detox drink ever made. But are Ultra Eliminex reviews telling the truth?

In this review of Ultra Eliminex, you’re going to learn everything you need to know. What’s in it and why it works, full Ultra Eliminex instructions including a couple of little-known tips to help you pass, and how it compares to other top brands.

Plus, you’ll learn where to buy Ultra Eliminex at the best price, as well as the names of a couple of alternative detox drinks which are definitely worth considering.

What Is Ultra Eliminex Detox?

Ultra Eliminex is a relatively new detox drink from the company Herbal Clean. The best-known detox drink from this company previously was Qcarbo32. That’s sold widely, including in many large retailers, but it doesn’t have a great track record because it’s not a strong formulation.

However, Ultra Eliminex is a completely different formula to Qcarbo32 and is far more powerful. Just a cursory look online at scientific studies around the main ingredients shows that there is strong evidence for all of them helping to more rapidly push toxins from the body.

But how exactly does a detox drink work, and how good at masking drug toxins is Ultra Eliminex?

ultra eliminex detox drink

How A Detox Drink Works

This is the key point to make the start of this Ultra Eliminex review. A detox drink doesn’t detox the body at all, it’s a masking agent.

It contains key ingredients that help to flush out drug toxins, but only those currently passing out of the body, those passing through the kidneys, bladder, and urinary tract.

What a detox drink like Ultra Eliminex does is to flush out the body with a large volume of liquid in one hit. This removes the toxins heading towards the exits and replaces the liquid urinated out with fresh urine that doesn’t contain toxins.

At the same time, it floods the body with essential nutrients, minerals and waste products that are found in human urine. Because so much floods the body, the liver and kidneys pass some of it through as waste, making it appear in your already clean urine.

As an example of what’s in it, Ultra Eliminex contains a strong dose of creatine. This is something that the body uses to power muscle use. Once it’s been used, the byproduct called creatinine is expelled through urine. So human urine always contains creatinine. By throwing a load of creatine into the body, the detox drink ensures that creatinine is present in your urine.

The net result of all this is that for a few hours until toxins exit the bloodstream or detach from cells in the body, the urine that has been freshly created and constructed by the detox drink is free of toxins. But that effect usually only lasts for 2-5 depending on how many toxins you have in your body. So you got a small window of opportunity, but as long as you time it right, it’s long enough to submit a clean urine sample.

Ultra Eliminex Instructions

Ultra Eliminex instructions are very straightforward, you don’t even need to drink additional water as you do with some other brands of detox drink.

The full Ultra Eliminex instructions are:

  1. Drink the contents of the bottle of Ultra Eliminex smoothly over about 15 minutes.
  2. Over the next hour urinate as frequently as possible.
  3. You can drink a little extra water if you want during that hour, but don’t drink too much in case you dilute your urine. About 8 fluid ounces of additional liquid is fine. This is the key reason people fail when using detox drinks other than toxin still being found, they drink too much liquid, which changes the balance too much to be natural.
  4. This is my top tip that is not usually mentioned, make sure you buy home drug test kits at the same time as you buy your bottle of detox drink. Just before you leave to submit your sample, check you are clean by doing a home drug test kit. If you aren’t you will need a Plan B, something which most Ultra Eliminex reviews don’t mention (but don’t worry, I’ll tell you more in little while).
  5. Make sure you submit your sample within 2-3 hours of drinking the detox drink to ensure that you stand the best chance of doing so before fresh toxins being held in your body are processed into your urine again.

Does Ultra Eliminex Work For Drug Tests?

Does Ultra Eliminex work

So the key question here is: does Ultra Eliminex work? The bottom line is yes it does. I haven’t used it for a live drug test, but my best friend did for a pre-employment drug test last year. But what I have done is tested it recently for the purposes of seeing how well it works to review it.

With a detox drink, you should do a 24-hour detox, 48 hours if possible, before the day of your test. This gets more toxins out of your body and leaves the detox drink less work to do.

I’m a daily weed smoker, and I didn’t bother to do the 24-hour detox. I just drank the bottle of Ultra Eliminex, urinated about three times I think, waited one hour, and then did a home drug test kit.


I passed that home drug test. I waited for three hours and did a second home drug test kit. I failed that one. So for me, the effective range was up to 3 hours.

Yes, Ultra Eliminex does work to pass a drug test, and potentially if you are facing a drug test at short notice, it can cope with high toxin levels even without lowering them through a natural detox before the day of your test.

Ultra Eliminex Reviews Online

So what I’m saying is broadly in line with those Ultra Eliminex reviews online that you’ll read elsewhere.nIt’s new, it’s a completely different formula to Qcarbo32, and it seems to be potent from my testing.

For me, it’s definitely a detox drink to consider, and looking at the growing body of evidence online, especially trusted sources like Reddit and Facebook groups I’m in, it’s definitely getting a growing reputation in reviews online for being powerful.

Where To Buy Ultra Eliminex

So the conclusion of my Ultra Eliminex detox review is that it works. It worked for me with home drug test kits, and it worked for a friend who I trust.

This stuff isn’t cheap. It’s $80, which is more expensive than any other detox drink on the market, but you are getting a potent formula and the best detox drink in terms of being able to trust it. I would advise you to buy it from TestNegative. Not only will you get it at a great price, you can also buy associated products with it, including really good quality home drug test kits.

I always recommend you buy a couple of home drug test kits, and also have a Plan B in case you fail a home drug test kit before you leave. Plan B would for me synthetic urine, a high-quality brand like Sub Solution.

But if you use Ultra Eliminex alongside a 24-hour detox, 48 hours if you can, then nothing compares to it. For extra confidence, you could even throw in a 1-2 day course of Toxin Rid detox pills to accelerate the number of toxins coming out of your body in the days leading up to your drug test.

Alternatives To Ultra Eliminex

There are some alternatives to Ultra Eliminex detox out there though, so don’t discount everything else, especially if you are a little short of cash or can’t get it.

Mega Clean is slightly cheaper, and it’s available at Walmart. However, it’s not as strong as Ultra Eliminex and you’ll definitely need a 48 hour detox before the day of your test for it to be able to cope.

Especially if you are a heavy weed smoker, then I wouldn’t recommend you buy Mega Clean on its own. But you can buy it online from this webshop here with six Toxin Rid pre-rid pills bundled in free. This allows you to do a powerful 24-hour detox, bumping up the power of the detox drink considerably.

The final alternative to Ultra Eliminex I want to tell you about is Rescue Cleanse. It’s made by Clear Choice, who also makes Sub Solution, so you could buy your plan A and Plan B direct from them at the same time.

Ultra Eliminex alternatives

If you’re just looking for the ultimate detox drink, that will cope with pretty much any level of toxins in the body on its own, even potentially without any preparation, then Ultra Eliminex detox is definitely your best chance of achieving those goals.

As I say, and this is something you won’t read in many of those cookie-cutter reviews out there, make sure you try to do a detox beforehand if possible, and vitally, buy those home drug test kits alongside the detox drink so that you know if you really are clean before you go and submit your sample.