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Detox Drinks For A Drug Test: Everything You Need To Know

If you are facing a urine sample drug test and you haven’t had time to naturally get rid of all the toxins from your body, then using detox drinks for a drug test is one of the only viable strategies is that anyone can use.

There is one alternative to using a detox drink to pass a drug test, and I’ll cover that later. But the main scope of this piece is to tell you about the best detox drinks you can use, how to use them, and some tips to make your chance of passing even higher.

Anyone can use detox drink, because they are easy to get your hands on, easy to use, and there’s very little chance of you getting caught. They do have a downside though, and I want to make sure you are aware of the problems here.

Plus, I’ll explain exactly how a detox drink works. It’s not immediately obvious to some people, and that catches them out. So I’ll also explain how drugs work in your body, and how a detox drink counters the waste products they produce, those things which get picked up by drug tests.

How Drug Metabolites Move Through The Body

Let’s say you’ve just smoked a joint. It’s the only cannabis you’ve smoked in years. But in three days’ time you have a pre-employment drug test coming up.

When you smoked that joint, when you got high, the THC was converted into waste products called metabolites. These are currently drifting around your bloodstream, and also working their way out of your body through your bladder and bowels as waste products.

But that’s not the whole story. Cannabis metabolites especially can bind to cells in the body. So that one joint could have you testing positive weeks later. Because if metabolites detach and work their way out just before you take a drug test, then you could test positive, even if you would have tested clean for most of the time previously.

Although other drug metabolites aren’t as insidious as cannabis ones, they do still remaining your body for several days, often far more than a week if you are a heavy user, or you have had several high doses.

So the bottom line here is that if you have had any sort of substance recently, especially with last week, then you are probably going to test positive for a drug test, which is why detox drinks are so important.

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Don’t Fall For This Assumption About Detox Drinks

But how exactly does a detox drink work? Well, the name “detox” drink is actually pretty damn misleading. They don’t detox you at all.

The impression that the word detox gives you is that it permanently removes toxins from your body. But that’s not what a detox drink does. It’s not very impressive if I tell you that it’s just a masking agent, especially if I tell you only lasts for a few hours.

But consider that the small number of hours clean are the ones within which you submit your drug test sample. That makes the detox drink gold dust.

So what happens when you drink the detox drink is it:

  • Flushes out your bladder
  • Removes toxins from your urinary tract completely
  • Overwhelms your system with nutrients found in urine
  • Keeps the balance of your urine natural for a few hours

You had that joint. You drink the detox drink. It flushes out your bladder and urinary tract, removing all the toxins currently present so they can’t be found in a drug test. It does this forcefully, and it also overwhelms your liver and kidneys with nutrients and chemicals found in naturally balanced urine. These pass through as waste and then found present in the urine of your tested sample, raising no suspicion.

But the crucial fact you have to understand is that detox drinks for drug test don’t detox you, they just flush you out for a few hours. As your body continues processing things within it, any metabolites in your body are at risk of then appearing in your urine stream again. The more drugs you have taken, the quicker this will happen. So you need to get to the lab quickly to stand the best chance of submitting a clean sample.

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Using Specialist Detox Drinks For THC

As cannabis is the most widely used drug in the USA, let’s talk about specialist THC detox drinks.

Even though it’s legal in an increasing amount of states, it’s still not allowed within many companies’ recruitment policies. So if you go for a pre-employment drug test after being offered a job, and then test positive for cannabis metabolites, you will not get the job, even though smoking cannabis is completely legal in your state, and even though you are not under the influence of cannabis.

So to cover yourself from this ridiculous situation, you need a detox drink. Because you are smoking weed only, you look for a specialist detox drink for weed, and you’ll find lots of the marketed online.

But as you now know, THC works its way out of your body in the same way as all other drug metabolites. Sure, more are eliminated through the bowels than other drugs because of the way weed metabolites bind to fat, but generally, you’ll remove them the same way.

So to be clear, there’s no such thing as a specialist detox drink for weed, they don’t exist. If you see anything marketed in that way, then please approach with caution, because there is absolutely no guarantee that it will work, THC detox drinks are basically useless.

Alternatives To Using Drug Detox Drinks

I’ll talk you through the best way to use detox drinks for a drug test in a moment so that you have the best chance of passing, but I want to tell you first about to alternative strategies you have.

  1. Natural detox

This is a great option if you have a couple of weeks before your drug test. If you’re going for a new job, you’ll know well in advance of interview date, which means you can prepare for potentially getting offered a position by doing a detox for at least a week.

You basically just live healthily. Cut out all toxins, drugs, caffeine, alcohol, to allow your body to work efficiently. You also drink lots of water, only eat lean proteins and vegetables, stay away from fats and poor quality carbohydrates, and exercise a lot. That will keep your metabolism moving, and allow it to work toxins out.

You can even speed up the elimination of toxins by using a high-quality detox pill like Toxin Rid. This can push out toxins at a far faster rate than natural, as much as 50% faster. So if it would take you two weeks to do a natural detox as a heavy weed smoker, you could be clean in just a week.

  1. Synthetic urine

The second alternative strategy is to submit a completely fake sample. If it’s a supervised drug test, then this isn’t really an option unless you have nerves of steel, but for an unsupervised one it’s brilliant.

As long as you use high-0quality synthetic urine like Quick Luck or Sub Solution, or if you are on a budget, then you could try the Clear Choice powdered urine kit which is half the price of $50, then it’s the best way to pass. The chemical formulas are so complex that they are almost impossible to detect as fake.

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Detox Drinks For Drug Test: Tips For Success

So let’s say you have decided to try and pass a drug test using a detox drink. You’ve opted for the best detox drink you can find, not some badly designed specialist THC detox drink, which will dramatically improve your chances (I’ll talk to you about the best detox drinks in a moment).

  1. The first step is to make sure you are as clean as possible so that your detox drink has less work to do, basically that it has fewer drug toxins to deal with. It has less to push out, and there are less to seep into your urine stream, meaning you will be clean for longer. This means doing a natural detox, even if it’s just for a couple of days before your drug test date. Obviously, if you are facing a drug test at short notice it will not be possible and you’ll have to rely on just the detox drink. However, 48 hours is advisable.
  1. A couple of hours before you are due to submit your sample, drink the detox drink. If it says you have to drink additional water, drink that as well. You’ll usually complete the simple process over about 30 minutes.
  2. You’ll then urinate as often as you can. If you need to drink a bit of additional water to help you, do it. But don’t dilute your sample, keep it about 8 fluid ounces as a maximum. Urinating about three or four times should be enough to get all the toxins out of your bladder.
  3. As you’re now aware, toxins can leak back into your system at any time, so you only have a short window of opportunity now you’re clean to submit your sample in. Try and get to the testing location as quickly as possible after you have urinated to submit your sample.

Which Are The Best Detox Drinks?

So as you can see, the basic detox drink instructions are quite simple, and you can enhance your chances by doing a detox for a couple of days beforehand.

But which drug detox drink should you be using? Well, let me briefly tell you first about the detox drinks you should never be using.

Qcarbo32, Stinger detox, Magnum detox, The Stuff, all of these are names you will read about, and all of these are drinks to avoid. They are little better than colored water, and really not worth the risk.

If nothing else is available then the best of the bunch is Qcarbo32, but even then it’s like tossing a coin with a 50-50 chance of passing or failing.

So now let’s take a look at the best detox drinks for drug test passing:

  1. Mega Clean is a great choice and it’s available in Walmart. However, I wouldn’t advise you about buying it from there. If you buy it online you can buy it bundled up with six pre-rid pills. These help to eliminate more toxins during the 48-hour detox (or at least 24 hours) before the day of your test. So on its own, it’s not a brilliant choice for around $50. But with the pills for $69 it becomes a very powerful option. Please don’t use any of its sister products, things like Xxtra Clean. These are just derivatives that are smaller in size and not as powerful.

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  1. Ultra Eliminex is a very powerful detox drink that doesn’t require any additional water when using it. It costs $80, so it’s very expensive, but it definitely works a treat. You can still do a 24-hour detox when using it though, especially if you are someone who’s got a high toxin count in your body. It’s a great option, but it can’t perform miracles.
  1. Rescue Cleanse is a trusted product from the Clear Choice brand (the people who make Quick Luck synthetic urine). So it’s got good pedigree, and I’ve used it personally to pass to urine sample drug tests during my employment history. It costs about $55 if you buy it directly from Clear Choice, and sometimes you can get a good combo deal. I actually got it bundled up with a month’s supply of Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula completely free in their Black Friday sale. That gave me loads of detox pills which I basically overdosed on over three days prior to using Rescue Cleanse just before I took the test, and I passed.

Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse

So there you go, those are for me the top detox drinks for drug testing. You don’t need specialist detox drinks for weed, all of these will get rid of THC metabolites just as easily as any other type of drug.

Just make sure you do the longest and most rigorous natural detox you can when you first become aware of the date of your test, or even if you are only possibly facing one in the near future. That will give you the best chance of passing a drug test using a high-quality detox drink.