Herbal pre cleanse formula

Clear Choice Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula Review

In this quick Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula review I’m going to tell you exactly how good it really is. There’s quite a bit of confusion about how good this detox pill is because it only costs $32 for 60 pills.

Is it actually a detox pill at all, can it help to detox you for a drug test? Well, I’ve experimented with this product, and I’m going to tell you exactly how it works, and how you can use it successfully. Plus, I’ll give you the exact strategy you need to use Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula alongside a couple of other quick tricks to make sure you pass your next urine sample drug test.

How A Detox Pills Works

A detox pill works by flushing out more toxins than you could flush out naturally. However, that’s only half the story.

A detox pill cannot work on its own. Even the most powerful detox pills need you to abstain and do a natural detox for the duration of the course at least, and preferably for a few days beforehand as well.

So detox pills are not a quick fix. For a daily weed smoker, you’ll need at least a week, often two weeks, of completely detoxifying your body and using detox pills to get completely clean.

How does Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula work, and is capable of matching the most powerful detox pills you can buy for such a low price?

How Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula Works

Well, I hate to break it to you, but this review of Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula has two states early on that they are not powerful detox pills.

Although the company who makes them, Clear Choice, make fantastic products like Rescue Cleanse and Sub Solution synthetic urine, Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula is designed as an ongoing supplement, to lower your overall toxin levels, but not to significantly speed up their eradication.

You get 60 tablets for just $30, which is a month supply at a rate of two per day. So the idea is that when you know you might face drug tests, you start taking them, and it starts to push more toxins out of your body than it would naturally.

It’s basically a low-cost way of getting ahead of the game. Then when you know you have a drug test coming up, you can either use a natural detox alongside detox pills, or detox drink, or a combination of both of those strategies.

Herbal pre cleanse formula

Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula Instructions

So the basic Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula instructions are pretty straightforward. When you suspect you might have a drug test coming up the next few weeks, start taking them at a rate of two per day.

While you are taking them, drink plenty of water throughout the day, and cut back on taking drugs as much as possible.

But that isn’t the whole story with instructions for using Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula, and they can be made to work a little bit harder for you.

herbal pre cleanse formula instructions

My Experience Using Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula

Now look, having given you the actual Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula instructions, by telling you that it’s an ongoing supplement to be taken at two tablets per day to lower overall toxin levels, I want to tell you how I actually used it.

I only had a couple of weeks before a drug test, and I knew my toxin levels weren’t that high as I was in a bit of a weed hiatus, only smoking a joint every day or so. I was pretty sure I could get through with just a detox drink masking them, but I wanted a bit of insurance.

So I didn’t want to shell out $200 on a course of Toxin Rid and instead decided to use Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula as I already had a pack in my home. So what I did was to double up. I took two every morning with plenty of water, and then two mid-afternoon with plenty of water.

I made sure that I took a home drug test kit a couple of days before my test, and I passed. I was a bit surprised, but on the day of my drug test I also used a detox drink and then tested again, and I was still clean.

So I think that for just over $30, Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula can offer excellent value for money, even if you use it as a long-term preparation for a possible drug test, or to just make things easier for a detox drink on the day of your test, because you have less overall toxins for it to flush out and mask.

Best Strategy For Using Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula

So look, the conclusion of my quick Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula review here is that it can be more powerful than it at first seems.

It’s great for just lowering the toxin levels in preparation for a drug test you think you might have.

But it’s also good if you haven’t got high toxin levels to just push out more toxins so that you can either be clean, or the nearly clean enough for a detox drink to not have to work hard.

The best strategy for me is to take Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula for a couple of weeks leading up to a drug test, abstain totally from toxins for the last couple of days, and then on the day of your test use a high-quality detox drink like Rescue Cleanse.