Category: Kratom

Kratom can be great for pain relief, calming people down, easing depression symptoms, and even just having a brilliant time. But it’s also a very complex Southeast Asian herb.

What you’re going to learn here is everything you need to know to use kratom successfully and safely. We will talk to you through the myriad of strains that fall under the different vein colors. We will talk you through the different effects they have, and what they are best used for.

To add to the confusion and complexity of kratom, the dosage is also vital. Kratom is a spectrum drug where the effects change depending on the dose, they don’t just get more intense. So understanding that, alongside the vein color, and the strains available can be incredibly difficult to navigate successfully.

In this category, you are therefore going to get detailed kratom reviews on every strain available, backed up with a guide on how to use kratom with detailed dosage information, alongside general articles on using kratom safely. Things like potentiating kratom, stopping tolerance, and even how to take kratom to avoid the bitter taste.

So whatever your interest in kratom, what you’ve got here is everything you need to know in one place to successfully choose the kratom that is best for your needs.