Best Synthetic urine brands

Best Synthetic Urine Brands Reviewed

I’m going to tell you exactly why synthetic urine is the best way to pass a drug test. But you need to get your hands on the best synthetic urine to stand the best chance of passing.

But what makes the best synthetic urine, and how you spot the best?

Well, in this quick guide, I’m going to tell you about the top three best synthetic urine brands on the market, and how easy it is to use them to pass a drug test, through three quick fake urine reviews.

We will also cover some tips on what not to do, and go through the basics of making sure that you submit the sample in a way that has the best chance of passing. It takes balls to submit synthetic urine for a drug test, but with the right urine, and the right preparation, it’s 99% guaranteed to do the job.

Does Synthetic Urine Work?

For me, synthetic urine has always worked. But it is not just me, it’s friends I recommended it to as well. You know how it is, your circle of friends is always going to be smoking like you are, and so you’re all in the same boat. Because I’m more of an expert on stuff like this, they look to me, as do people I know from the local smoke shop where I hang out sometimes.

The only things I’ve ever heard failing a drug test are always poor quality. Doesn’t matter if it’s a detox drink or synthetic urine, what matters is the quality.

Don’t get me wrong, a good quality detox drink really can do the trick. But there is still more margin for error than using synthetic urine. With synthetic urine, as long as you get high-quality stuff, the only thing you have to worry about is getting the temperature right, which I will talk to you about in a minute.

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How To  Using Synthetic Urine For A Drug Test

 Not all brands of synthetic urine are created equal. The best synthetic urine can only be called the best if it contains at least the following:

  • Creatine
  • Uric acid
  • Urea
  • Contains several other key chemicals found in human urine
  • Within the correct pH range
  • Within the correct specific gravity range
  • Looks and smells like human urine
  • Froths like human urine
  • Doesn’t contain an artificial preservative called biocide

I just want to touch on the last point to explain why I’ve made it. Biocide is an artificial preservative that is found in a range of everyday products.

But the thing is, the biocide is also found in the majority of synthetic urine products as well. It was rumored last year that LabCorp had realized this and implemented a test for biocide prior to its usual validity testing procedure.

It makes sense doesn’t, because you can rule out nearly every fake sample just by testing for a single thing prior to going through your standard procedures.

For me, the spike in failures last year with the majority of brands points to it being true, which is why I would not recommend any synthetic urine brand that contains biocide. Most do, and I only know of less than a handful don’t which don’t.

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Don’t Make This Key Mistake Using Fake Pee

But what can you do to raise the chances of you passing, if you are using synthetic urine for drug test success? Well, it’s all about submitting your sample within the correct temperature range. That’s literally the only thing you can really affect positively.

Human urine exits the body within a very narrow temperature range, usually between 96°F 100°F. However, because of how it can cool before the sample is tested, any sample above 90°F has to be accepted by the lab legally.

The biggest problem is failing heatpads, or not thinking about the temperature outside, or how you are storing urine on the way to the lab, stuff like that which can affect the temperature before you submit the sample.

Because of the small margin for error, you need to make sure you have a good quality heatpad, or a Plan B should things go wrong.

One thing I’ve suggested to people if they are unsure about the quality of the heatpad is to take a flask of boiling water with them. Then if the temperature has dropped because the heatpad hasn’t worked properly, you can always put the sample container into the flask, or pour the water over it, to try and raise the temperature.

So when you see people moaning on the Internet that a certain brand failed them, it may not be because the synthetic urine itself was rubbish, it could be because they didn’t have a Plan B when it came to submitting the sample within the correct temperature range (or never noticed the wrong temperature in the first place).

Does synthetic urine work? For me, the answer is undoubted, yes, but only if it’s high-quality, and submit it within the correct temperature range.

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Review Of The Best Synthetic Urine Brands

The following three fake urine reviews are the products I would classify as the best synthetic urine on the market.

My reasons are that they contain at least the minimum ingredients that I’ve mentioned earlier, and they have above-average ways of keeping the sample within the correct temperature range.

  1. Quick Luck – Best Synthetic Urine Kit

 Sub Solution is the number one brand of synthetic urine on the market. It’s made by Clear Choice. However, Clear Choice has now created an upgraded version of Sub Solution called Quick Luck.

Quick Luck is a slightly more complex formula than Sub Solution. On top of that, it’s also premixed, it’s not a powder, so it’s ready to go without mixing.

Plus, you get the luxury of both the heat activator powder that Sub Solution and Quick Luck come with, but you also get a couple of high-quality heat pads as well. So you have complete control over the sample temperature both through the powder and using the heatpads if you want to.

It costs $100, but you are getting the ultimate formula and the ultimate convenience. Any fake urine reviews which don’t put Quick Luck close to the top of the tree aren’t worth reading. It’s that good.

If you think you might face on the spot drug testing at work, it’s definitely the best synthetic urine you can go for. Because it’s premixed, you don’t need water. Because it contains heat activator powder, you don’t need a heat source. It’s ready to go in literally two minutes.

  1. Sub Solution Urine Kit

So having talked about Quick Luck, let’s talk about the number one brand on the market, Sub Solution.

It is also made by Clear Choice, a premium drug test product brand. It’s a hugely complex formula, and apart from Quick Luck, the most complex on the market.

It’s powdered urine, which means you will need water. As long as you have access to tap though, you’ll be good to go. Or you could keep a flask of warm water with you if you are potentially facing random drug testing.

It uses heat activator powder. Let me talk about that in detail, because it’s awesome.

You don’t need a heatpad, you literally tap the heat activator powder in and gently agitate the liquid. It creates heat that raises the temperature. You just keep checking and then adding a little more powder until it gets to within the correct temperature range.

When you get to the testing lab, just check the temperature before you go in, and add a bit more as necessary. There’s no way you can fail using Sub Solution because the sample can’t be too cold, because of the absolutely brilliant heat activator powder.

Sub Solution costs $80. So slightly cheaper than Quick Luck, but you’re not getting the heatpads, and it’s not premixed. It’s also not quite as complex, but I’m telling you that unless you’re facing an incredibly expensive commission drug test, which is highly unlikely, then it will pass any drug test relating to normal employment.

  1. Quick Fix 6.2 Urine

Quick Fix is the third brand of synthetic urine that I’ve used myself. It’s one of the best synthetic urine products out there because it’s quite complex, although not as complex as Sub Solution.

But it is only half the price of Sub Solution, costing just $40. So it’s a budget product that still has enough quality to pass a basic employment drug test.

It uses heatpads rather than heat activator powder though. They are good quality, but you will need warm water unless you have an hour for the heatpad to get the sample up to the right temperature and keep it there.

I’ll be honest here, it doesn’t quite look as good as Sub Solution. It doesn’t froth as well, the way that human urine does. But unless you have a particularly scrupulous lab technician, then that will not be a problem.

So if you’re on a budget, and you don’t mind messing around with a heatpad, which will slightly increase the risk, then Quick Fix is definitely complex enough to get you through a basic pre-employment drug test.