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Best Kratom For Pain: Alleviating Physical Pain And Withdrawal Symptom Pain

A lot of people think that kratom just gives you a good time and sharpens your focus. But kratom is also fantastic for helping to deal with physical and emotional pain. If you can find the best kratom for the pain to suit your needs, it can give you breathing space to deal with so much more.

So what I’m going to do here in this personal guide is talk to you about using kratom for pain relief both mentally and physically, based on my own experiences with it over the past two years.

I’ll tell you which kratom is best for pain, in terms of dealing with physical pain conditions. I’ll also tell you about using kratom for opiate withdrawal because one of my friends really benefited from using kratom to help deal with an opiate addiction last year.

So I hope this is going to be useful to you, and I apologize if it’s not brilliantly structured, but I’m writing about what works for me and trying to point you in the right direction to at least get started with finding out if using kratom could deal with the pain you’re suffering.

How Kratom Can Treat Pain

How kratom treats pain is pretty straightforward when it comes to physical pain.

Kratom is a partial agonist of the opioid receptors. These are a group of inhibitory receptors in our body, dotted all around it, that deal with several key things, including analgesia, depression, anxiety, and euphoria.

At low doses, kratom is a stimulant and only a partial agonist of the mu-opioid receptors. But at higher doses, it’s a partial agonist of all four of the main types of opioid receptors (mu, kappa, delta, nociception), which is why at higher doses kratom becomes increasingly pain-relieving, sedating, and euphoric.

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The Best Strains I’ve Found To Treat Physical Pain Symptoms

So now I’ve bored you with the science part, I want to tell you about the best kratom for pain that I’ve found in my experimenting.

Let me tell you straight up which kratom colors are best for pain relief:

  1. White kratom is not the best for pain. The alkaloid balance in it doesn’t hit the opioid receptors in the same way as green and red kratom. You’ll get tons of physical and emotional energy, and a little pain relief, but not much.
  2. Green kratom will give you bags of energy, but it is more pain-relieving and calming the white kratom. I used it during the day a few times when my pain wasn’t too bad, or on a night out when I wanted pain relief because I would be standing for a long time (I have a partially crushed spinal disc) and wanted some pain relief but also to be energized and enthusiastic.
  3. The best kratom for pain though is undoubtedly red kratom. The opioid profile means that you’re just getting more of the alkaloids that hit the receptor groups to produce strong analgesia and increasing calm leading to sedation (but not total unless you take a very high dose).

Once I had established that red kratom is the best kratom for pain, I just went ahead and ordered several bags of different types from a company called Coastline Kratom, because it was obvious, they have a strong reputation and are one of the best kratom brands to start with.

I bought Red Borneo, Red Indo, Red Bali, and Red Maeng Da. I’ll talk to you about Maeng Da in a moment because that’s the confusing one.

Red Borneo kratom for pain was incredible. In terms of answering the question around which kratom is best for pain, it is a very individual thing, but for me it was red Borneo.

5 g in the morning and my back was fine until the early afternoon. If I really needed help through the rest of the day, another 5 g was just enough. More than that, and I’d start to struggle to focus, I’d be so relaxed I wouldn’t be able to work. That’s why I later bought some green Malay to energize things a little more.

Red Bali was also very good, but not quite as great as Red Borneo. It was slightly more energizing and slightly less pain-relieving for me, but I do appreciate that kratom is very personal and everyone’s reaction can be different.

The one I was disappointed with was Red Indo. It’s a “classic” red kratom strain, but for me, it didn’t work as I expected. I felt an awful lot of sedation, and pain relief, but I just couldn’t function on the stuff. There was no balance between not having the full spectrum of beneficial effects, and then kicking in too strongly, it was just too sedating for me to use during the day.

The dosage I was using each day was in the region of 5 g to 10 g. 5 g for me that’s the minimum you need to get the full spectrum of effects at a low level. You can either top up with another couple of grams a few hours later, or just take another larger dose later in the day if you really are suffering. Kratom capsules a great for this.

But red kratom generally, and Red Borneo was my favorite in this respect, can produce significant benefits:

  • Pain relief that ranges from a minor at lower doses through total at higher doses
  • Alongside pain relief comes to a strengthening sense of calm and confidence
  • You will feel focused and energized unless the dose is very high
  • Cognitively you can actually be sharper unless the dose is high
  • Kratom can get you through the day without any side effects and even cognitive benefits
  • In the evenings a few grams really helps me to calm down and sleep without pain

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Be Careful With Maeng Da Kratom For Pain

I want to just talk to you briefly about using Maeng Da kratom for pain because it can be confusing and catches people out. Maeng Da isn’t a strain of kratom, it’s a blend, which translates literally as “pimp grade”. It just means it stronger than usual kratom.

So what happens is they could get Red Borneo that tests as having a higher alkaloid content than usual, basically it stronger. So they label up as Red Maeng Da.

Sometimes they blend different types of kratom together. So if they get a really strong red kratom, and it’s just too sedating, they can sometimes mix it with green, or even white kratom. So it could be very energizing, or very sedating, basically, you won’t know unless you buy it as every single batch, then every single supplier is totally different.

But if you can get genuine Red Maeng Da, kratom that has all the traits of red, but it’s far stronger, then it’s incredible for pain relief. It’s definitely the kratom I would be trying first if I was starting out again, and I’d also recommend kratom extracts for a potent kratom punch as well (Coastline Kratom actually do Red Maeng Da kratom extracts).

How To Use Kratom For Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms

There’s another sort of pain that isn’t physical. It’s emotional pain either driven by things like anxiety and depression, or trauma, but also by substance withdrawal.

Kratom can help with depression, anxiety, PTSD, a load of conditions. Red kratom especially can calm you down and take away all the worry to allow you the time and space to function. White kratom can also be very good for depression, and when I’m feeling low I will often turn to some White Borneo, or even some White Maeng Da to really perk me up.

I want to talk to you about opiate withdrawal symptoms though. The opiate crisis in the USA is incredible right now, and one of my friends got caught up in it last year. He did heroin very occasionally, but it became a habit he couldn’t shake.

After six months of growing horror, I suggested kratom to him as a way to try and get out of the mess.

I suggested red kratom, and I suggest starting with a high dose. That would allow him to replace that opiate high, to trigger the opioid receptors so they were satisfied, but also to calm him right down, and take away physical pain withdrawal symptoms as well.

So he started with a 10 g dose. That produced a smooth opiate-like high, that lasted for an hour or so, before drifting down into several hours of calmness, pain relief, and just not thinking about drugs.

It’s not an entire solution, you need to get off the bad stuff, you need to talk to people, and it has to form part of a strategy because you don’t want to taper off one thing and replace it with another addiction. The kratom really can help with opiate withdrawal symptoms though, and allow you the time and space to deal with it.

Kratom For Opiate Withdrawal

Using Kratom For Other Withdrawal Symptoms

Kratom can be used for other withdrawal symptoms as well. There is a myriad of substances that people get addicted to, but kratom can give you euphoria, it can chill you out, it can focus your mind, you can give you physical energy, it’s a very flexible and unique herb.

Kratom can be used in alcohol withdrawal as well. But be careful because of both our central nervous system depressants. You are replacing alcohol to get off with it, you are not drinking alcohol while taking large doses of kratom.

But replacing alcohol can really help. It can give you that euphoria, that confidence, that desire the alcohol does to get involved without your problems or lack of confidence kicking in.

Again though, use it as needed, and taper down as you deal with your alcohol problem. Don’t replace one poison with another. But just as with using kratom for opiate withdrawal, or alcohol, it’s a case of starting high 7-10+ grams, but then tapering down as you start to cope with your emotions and don’t need such a huge hit.

What Is A Kratom High And How You Achieve It?

A kratom high varies depending on the type of kratom you’re taking. A kratom high using white kratom, and even green kratom, can be a very powerful euphoric rush, full of physical and mental energy, that some people find absolutely overwhelming. It’s definitely an “up” thing, and perfect for a night out.

But most people think about a kratom high as an opiate-like high, so the best kratom strain for opiate high feelings is going to be pretty much always red kratom.

Using a strong dose of red kratom, you will get an incredible euphoric rush for an hour or so. Like you’re flying, but still feeling control. Everything will feel smooth, deliriously happy, you’ll feel calm, the world will drift away.

A euphoric kratom high will then drive down into a deepening calm and sedation. So it’s perfect if you want to just wash the world away, take all your problems away. But it’s not recommended to do very often as that’s the way to grow dependency. But as an occasional escape, especially if you are using kratom for opiate withdrawal, it can really help.

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Best Kratom Strain For Opiate High Experience

So let’s take a quick look at the best kratom strain for opiate high feelings. I haven’t done this very often, but occasionally it’s amazing to feel like you’re flying, but completely in control, and with all your pain and worry completely taken away for a day.

Again, any red strain will do. Red Borneo is my favorite for pain, and at high doses, it is incredible for an opiate-like experience as well.

I will mention again Red Maeng Da. Although you don’t quite know what you’re getting, even if it’s blended with white kratom, the rush you will get is intense, absolutely incredible. Everything disappears. You feel energized, focused, no pain, no worry, just positivity, and happiness.

You will need a strong dose to get a genuine kratom high though. Up to 10 g, maybe slightly less if it’s stronger kratom like Maeng Da. But sometimes, it can be even higher than that. The most I’ve ever taken in one go is 12 g, and that was like entering another world.

Where To Buy The Best Kratom For Pain & Withdrawal Relief

I’m sorry if that’s all a bit disjointed, but that’s me just laying everything out for you here as it came into my head. My journey was complex, and I’m sure yours will be as well. That’s unfortunately what people’s lives are like when they are affected by pain, or they are dealing with an addiction of some sort.

Start with a classic red strain if you want to be safe. Red Borneo, Red Bali, even incredible Red Malay will all work.

If you want more energy, Green Malay is a fantastic middle ground where you will still get pain relief, but a real zip mental clarity and happiness.

Red Maeng Da is definitely a kratom you should explore at the beginning. It’s stronger, and the effects are more variable, but if you find a batch that works for you, it can provide incredible pain relief, total analgesia.

I get my kratom from two web stores now. I bought it from several in the beginning, but I’ll tell you now that most kratom out there is awful. It’s either cut with other herbs, or stored very badly so the alkaloid content diminishes.

But both of these places guarantee the purity of their kratom by testing the batches they import directly from Southeast Asia for alkaloid content. That’s why they are slightly more expensive, but in terms of being the best kratom for pain and opiate withdrawal symptoms, they are incomparable.

  1. Coastline kratom

This has to be the best kratom seller in the USA right now. Established in 2015, you’ll get all the things you would expect from a reputable company, including a moneyback guarantee and fast shipping.

But what I love is that they batch-test all the kratom they get to make sure it’s rich in alkaloids. You’re not going to get ripped off with coastline kratom.

I buy red Borneo for pain relief from these guys all the time. It’s rich, warm, euphoric, totally pain relieving. It’s also not particularly expensive.

Coastline Kratom sells Malay, Bali, and Borneo. They also sell the best Maeng Da kratom I’ve ever found. Powerful, and basically just stronger red, white, green kratom (which makes me think they don’t blend different vein colors).

On top of all that, they do sell kratom capsules. Every single kratom strain they sell is available as a loose powder or capsules. The capsules are more expensive, but if you are looking for the best kratom for pain and you want to dose through the day, then they are great for “topping up”. Take 5 g of powder in the morning, and then take several capsules throughout the day to keep that pain relief total.

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  1. The Evergreen tree

A new place I found in the past year is The Evergreen Tree. They don’t have the reputation of Coastline Kratom, but my guess is that they will have very soon.

What I love about them is that they sell more different types of kratom than anyone I’ve ever seen, 40 when I counted. They also sell powerful kratom extracts, and 30 different types of kratom capsules as well. Red Bali from them is awesome, Red Malay from them is incredible.

What I also love is that you can pay more for stronger kratom. The lowest alkaloid content is up to 1.4%, the middle ground up to 1.7%, and the strong stuff up to 2%. They also sell kratom extracts that go up to 6% alkaloid content. The prices increase, so you could start at 1.4% and see how it goes. If you’re not getting the experience you want from 5 g, go upgrade. It’s a brilliant way of doing things if you want to truly experiment with using kratom for pain relief.

Whether you buy from Coastline Kratom or The Evergreen Tree, I’d also recommend you look ultra-enhanced kratom because you get a far stronger experience from less powder for use. Also, for beginners, both of these sellers offer very good variety packs, so you can experiment with different types of kratom for a low price, to find what works for you.