Reassignment (MTF)
Male to Female Gender

- Vaginoplasty
- Revision of Vaginoplasty
- Labiaplasty
- Orchiectomy
- Clitoroplasty
- Breast Augmentation

Reassignment (FTM)
Female to Male Gender

- Top surgery (male chest)
- Metoidioplasty
- Vaginal closure (colpocleisis)
- Phalloplasty revisions (Penile Enlargement)
- Penile implant
- Testicular implants

For Natal Females
- Breast augmentation
- Clitoromegaly reduction
- Labiaplasty

For Natal Men
- Phalloplasty and revision (Penile Enlargement)
- Adult Circumcision
- Penile Implantation
- Testicular enhancement
- Gynecomastia
- Foreskin reconstruction
- Penile scrotal web recession
- Peyronie's correction
- Vasectomy
- Vasectomy reversal

SRS miami MTF GRS Welcome to The Reed Centre for Genital Surgery / Sex Change Surgery. Here you will find information on the Sex Change Surgery, Sexual Reassignment Surgery (SRS) also called Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS) and all the related cosmetic procedures that we offer to the Transgender community.

A 50% deposit is required to schedule any procedure and as time and materials and a commitment to post operative care may be required, these deposits are non-refundable.

Do not schedule or submit any deposits unless you are comfortable with the information presented on these forms.

Do not schedule or submit any deposit if you are contemplating having other surgical procedures within a few weeks of your intended procedure with Dr. Reed, as this is often medically ill advised and your deposit will
not be refunded.  If concerned, please discuss this with Dr. Reed beforehand.

Please view our web-site for a copy of your consent form related to the surgery you are anticipating. If you are unable to access a copy, kindly request our office to mail or fax you a copy. All consent forms are in Acrobat Reader format. Download the Reader here:

Then using a printed form,  mark it up with any questions or concerns that you might have.

Prior to scheduling please be sure all of your questions and concerns have been answered to your satisfaction.

Be sure to bring the form to your consultation with a list of questions for discussion with Dr. Reed.

Complications that may arise, risks, and potential adverse reactions are mentioned, based upon the knowledge and experience of Dr. Reed, including some conjectured risks.

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srs Male to Female  Dr. Reed is a reconstructive Urologist and a Cosmetic Surgeon. He is a Member of WPATH (World Professional Organization for Transgender Health (formerly Harry Benjamin International Gender Association, HBIGDA) and performs male to female and female to male
sexual reconstructive surgery.

srs Male to Female  The Reed Centre for Genital Surgery helps people who need surgery to complete gender reassignment (GRS). We follow the standards of care of the HBIGDA Inc. We offer help to transsexuals and adult intersex patients born with amibiguous genitalia.

srs Male to Female  Deposits and Refunds:
To secure a surgical date and preserve a fee commitment, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required.

In the event of cancellation within a week before surgery, $1000 may be retained by this office and the balance of your deposit will be applied to a rescheduled date.

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Sex Change Surgery
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Photographic Examples
Female to Male Procedures:

Phalloplasty: Example #1

Metoidioplasty: Example #2 | Example #3 | Example #4 | Example #5 | Example #6 | Example #7

Testicular Implant: Example #8 | Example #9

Phalloplasty: glans and coronoplasty Miami Munawar: Example #10

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Some of the following photos are provided through courtesy of Professor Dr. Sava V. Perovic, colleague of Dr. Reed (connoted by *).

Example #1 - 1/1
Patient come to us for urethral extension, insertion of penile prosthesis, testicular implants and glans plasty (a recent post op photo).
Example #2 - 2/1
Example #3 - 3/1 and 3/2
Recent post-operative Metoidioplasty photographs from one of Dr. Reed's patients.

3/1 1st stage result. Note excellent representation of glans and corona.
Patient requested uncircumcised look.

3/2 Urethral meatus (pinched) out in normal position in glans.
Awaiting second stage hook up for stand to void.

Early photos of another Metoidioplasty patient.

Example #4 - 4/1 and 4/2
"Dr Reed, this picture was taken last week. I am very pleased with the results so far. 
I'll continue updating you on my progress."


Followup photo of metoidioplasty

Comment: "a man, a plan, Panama" A MAN!

Metoidioplasty *
Example #5 - 5/1 through 5/11

Example #6 - 6/1 through 6/3
Surgery date for urethral extension without testis implants, September 19, 2005, photos taken on October 7, 2005.   Some pubic fat obscures length.  Patient needs to lose 35 pounds. First time voided, out came 500 cc (about 1/2 quart) with huge stream
and excellent trajectory.




Example #7 - 7/1 through 7/3
Another metoidioplasty patient status post urethral extension and testicular implants. Excellent glans formation and manly shaft.







Testicular Implant on Genetic Male
Example #8 - 8/1 and 8/2

8/1 Preop: small bilaterally atrophied testes
8/2 Post-op:  normal gonadal contours

Testicular Implant on Genetic Male
Example #9 - 9/1 and 9/2
Two post op views



Phalloplasty: glans and coronoplasty Miami Munawar
Example # 10 - 10/1 through 10/7

Phalloplasty patient presents with attempted glans plasty which failed post early removal of sutures. Distal end of shaft is more flat than cylindrical.

The meatal grove was reconstituted and a glans plasty was performed. Following that the Norfolk modification (interposition of a skin graft) of the Munawar procedure was done. Without the graft a raw area had been known to heal with a contracting scar which pulled down the corona. The split thickness skin graft measuring about 8.5 X 1.2 cm is taken from the right groin parallel to the inguinal ligament in line with the cutaneous vessels to reduce scarring.





On 10/5 and 10/6 the graft appears darker and bluer than
the adjoining skin as it has yet to pick up a blood supply.



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